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Fuel System Solutions

Shields, Harper & Co. is your complete systems provider of retail, enhanced vapor recovery, compressed natural gas, aviation, marina, and emergency reserve fueling systems. Whether it's navigating the complicated California environmental regulations or beefing up your dispenser for the demand of harsh weather climates, rest assured knowing the sales staff has the knowledge and experience to meet your satisfaction.

Retail and Commercial Fueling Systems 

From supplying products for complete ground-up builds to restocking daily inventory for service companies, SHC works with each customer to ensure accuracy and performance on every site.

California chevron station with Wayne Ovation Dispensers
construction of Double wall underground storage tanks
California Shell station with wayne ovation dispensers

Marine and Aviation Fueling Systems

Fueling systems for air and water can be much more complicated than retail gasoline, depending on the geography and product being used. SHC sales staff uses their technical knowledge to build bullet-proof systems for both marine and aviation fueling centers.

marine fueling center on pier
washington aviation fueling center
San Francisco bay marine fueling center

Emergency Reserve Fueling Systems

Ensuring your site won't go down during the event of a power outage is critical for organizations like hospitals, hotels and data centers. SHC provides the energy insurance you need by using the industry's preferred equipment to build a reliable system you can trust.

four double wall steel above ground storage tanks by modern welding
emergency reserve diesel generators for data center
construction of hotel emergency reserve fuel system in los angeles

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