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Veeder-Root Technician Training Classes

Veeder-Root Training at Shields, Harper Headquarters

Shields, Harper & Co.'s Veeder Root Training Program

Shields, Harper & Co. in partnership with Veeder-Root offers training and factory certification classes on the TLS series automatic tank gauges. This factory-authorized training course consists of several separate levels: 

Veeder-Root TLS-ATG

Class Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 home study course and a current technicians I.D. number issued by Veeder-Root. 

Class will consist of installation, system start-up, line leak detection, service and troubleshooting for both the TLS-350 and TLS-450 consoles. It also includes hands-on programming and operational training on other associated equipment. This is a four day long instructor led course.

Course cost: ASC discount price: $975.00 per person

Veeder-Root ISD Training 

Class prerequisite: Completion of Level 2/3 or 4 training course.

Class consists of installation, startup, programming and certification of the In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) System. This is a one day course.

Course cost: Call for pricing

Students will be required to bring a laptop computer with Internet/Ethernet capability and connection. Students will need a 20-foot CAT 5 cable to connect to the hardwire connection provided. This high-speed connection will be made available to download materials, documents and take the online test from the new Veeder-Root Learning Management System. All cost includes updated manuals, lunch and high-speed internet connection that will be provided at our training facility.

Classes will be filled on a ‘first come first served’ basis with limited capacity. Arrangements must be made one week prior to the scheduled class date for payment of tuition. Tuition Payments for classes need to be arranged at least one week before class begins. There will be a $200.00 cancellation fee per student if done less than one week before classes begin.

Contact Justin Taylor (510) 653-9119 or training@shieldsharper.com for more information and upcoming events.

VST Training

We support training but do not teach VST certification

How to Become a VST ASC:

  • Apply for a registration number from VST
  • Download an ASC registration form. Click here: ASC Registration Form
  • Complete the form. You cannot register for ANY EVR training without first getting a registration number from VST.
  • Fax or mail the completed form to VST.
  • Be sure to attach your proof of current Veeder-Root pre-requisite documentation. 
    Acceptable proof is: 

    - A copy of your Veeder-Root certification card Veeder-Root Level 1 or 2/3 or 4 
    - A copy of your Veeder-Root certification certificate Veeder-Root Level 1 or 2/3 or 4. 
    - Where applicable (VST Level C training), a copy of your Veeder-Root ISD certification. 
    - A letter from Veeder-Root acknowledging the proper Level of training.


  • Receive your registration number from VST.
  • Enroll in training with the VST EVR Certified Trainer. 
    Visit http://www.vsthose.com/evr_training.aspx to find a session near you.
  • Download the most current VST Executive Order (Exhibits and IOMs) from the VST or CARB website and take them to your training class. 
    (As of July 2009 - Executive Order VR-209-A)
  • Take the training and pass the written tests.
  • Receive your wallet card and wall certificate on the spot.